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Sexual Harassment and Assault Workshop

sexual harassment is unlawful under Federal and State Statute. In our Sexual Harassment workshop, we will teach you the important skills to address sexual harassment and complaints in the workplace. This Sexual Harassment Workshop will include details on how to identify sexual harassment, the legal definition of sexual harassment, information on how to prevent Sexual Harassment and Assault and how to handle complaints allegation of sexual harassment and assault.

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

The Diversity and Inclusion workshop will help employees understand what diversity and inclusion are and why they are critical to maintaining a successful business. In the inclusion workshop, we will explore the use of language that will help others feel included and the use of language and behavior that unintentionally shut others out. The Diversity workshop will help deal with and identify unconscious bias, Every day Bias, and inclusive Privilege.

Team building Workshop

Successful companies are made up of teams. Our workshop focuses of Developing and Managing Effective Team Workshop, Building Cohesive Team Building, Building a Successful Teams in the Workplace, Team Building Training for New Leaders, Working with Virtual Team Training, Building Team Work, and Commitment in the Workplace.

Leadership productivity Workshop

This workshop explores the critical role of leaders in creating and sustaining employee engagement as a leader for the growth and profitability of the organization. In this workshop participants will be exposed to the leadership competencies, skills, and behaviors required to build and maintain successful outcomes