Women 2 Women

Mission statement

Women 2 Women is a program that is designed to fold women that are survivors of domestic abuse and domestic violence back into society and in to the workplace.

The purpose of Women to Women is to help women who are victim of domestic violence and abuse, including emotional, economic, sexual or physical re-enter the workforce, redefining their life goals.

The Women 2 Women Program

Women 2 Women provides a five (5) weeks program that utilize a systematic flow, that will:

  • Help create and update resumes;
  • Go through mock interviews;
  • Skill assessments and learning about the visual appearance and attire to wear to an interview and in the workplace.

By the end of the program, each woman will be ready to re-enter into the workforce and utilize each skill that they have developed in the program.

Breaking Barriers

Mission statement

The Breaking Barriers program is designed to get those who have been incarcerated for a period of time to break the barriers of what their lives are supposed to be after incarceration.

The Breaking Barriers Program

Breaking Barriers is a three (3) step program that is designed to help reintegrate men and women who have been incarcerated for a period of five (5) years or more back into society.

  • The first step of the program addresses the loss of a substantial influencer and living accommodation for themselves and their family.
  • The second step of the program is help individuals who are part of the program to pick out the correct dress attire, good hygiene and presentation.
  • The third step of the program is a step by step program that concentrates on preparing each individual for the workforce.

In this step of the program, each individual will be taught the basic computer skills, how to prepare for a job interview, during this phase, each client will go through a series of mock interviews, skill assessments, self-development, resume building workshops and access to companies who are interested in hiring those who have been incarcerated.