The topic is Negotiation, “When separate {parties} agree on a meeting to hammer out an equitable agreement that would benefit each {entity} in a positive manner” is my humble definition of NEGOTIATION. There is always a driving force behind each deal or agreement {parties} enter.  The reason(s) and outcome(s) most definitely vary in scope.

As the lead “Deal Maker” in your company, business or organization it is the deciding factor how best each agreement will impact your growth. The prize, of course, is the bottom line…. Financial Gain. The ART of negotiating or rather winning a negotiation is always need-based and therefore, driven.

For me, I require the ability to layout the positive agreement that my client or my company requires to move forward. These are the preparatory steps I know I secure:

  • Qualify the overall {investment} that will directly apply to the party I represent
  • Qualify the product or service best advances my client’s needs
  • Identify the variances that my client will allow
  • Be clear on each party deliverable(s)